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Welcome Ministry

"Welcome one another, then, just as Christ welcomed

you, in order to bring praise to God."

Romans: 15:7

Welcoming first-time visitors to Grapeland Church of Christ is a very important aspect of our service. In an effort to insure that the overall :welcome process" is as effective as possible, the following guidelines are provided:

  • Speak clearly, distinctly, and with enthusiasm

  • Integrate the reading of special cards (such as thank you, invitations, graduations) in announcements. 

  • Insure that each first-time visitor is welcomed into the church, that he/she completes a visitor's card. Quickly review the visitor's card to insure that the name and address information is complete, accurate, and readable. This is important to the church's follow-up process.  Letters are prepared to all first-time visitors on a weekly basis thanking them for visiting Grapeland Church of Christ. Following the service, these cards are given to the Church Clerk for this purpose.

  • Be familiar with the Order of Service. Recognize and quickly adjust to any change(s) that have been made.

  • Insure that other members are properly trained to welcome our visitors.

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